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Albert Baldeo is a transformational leader uplifting, fighting and empowering his district as a trailblazer, advocate and leader. After decades of advocacy, empowerment, and justice work, Albert is the man to lead us. We can do better in our politics and for our neighborhoods, and it begins with a leader like Albert!

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What Leaders are saying about Albert Baldeo

“Thank you, Albert Baldeo, for your immense contributions to the Democratic Party and to the defense of our democracy”

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris

“For us to succeed, the Democratic Party needs more leaders like Albert Baldeo. He reflects the new breed of Democrats that will best promote our vision, and we must act accordingly”-

President Bill Clinton

“We are grateful for the support of stalwarts like Albert Baldeo, for the greater good of our nation”

President Barack Obama

“Our nation is indebted to Albert Baldeo for his selfless dedication and steadfastness in the noble defense of people unjustly targeted and punished, and his services have always been a significant contribution toward the defense of the rule of law and the freedom of all peoples. We wish to record our sincere thanks to you.”

Dr. Cheddi Jagan, President of the Republic of Guyana

“While Baldeo’s abrasive style of bare-knuckle politics may not win him many allies in the political establishment, it’s been effective in voicing the concerns of his community…If’s there’s one person qualified to represent the underdogs, it’s Baldeo.” 

Queens Tribune/Press of South East Queens

"Albert Baldeo brings pride and hope to Queens community...he nearly created one of the biggest upsets in political history, despite widespread voter disenfranchisement...Albert united the most diverse districts in Queens to work toward a common goal...Baldeo is a rising star in politics and a beacon of leadership"-

The West Indian

"Albert Baldeo was encouraged by President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton to empower our community by running and serving in public office"-

The Caribbean New Yorker, West Indian

"As our chosen Rising Star, Albert Baldeo represents the best and brightest in Queens."-

Queens Courier

“While Baldeo’s abrasive style of bare-knuckle politics may not win him many allies in the political establishment, it’s been effective in voicing the concerns of his community…If’s there’s one person qualified to represent the underdogs, it’s Baldeo.” 

Queens Volunteer lawyers, Queens County Bar Association

"Albert Baldeo represents the new breed of leaders that reflects the change and reforms we need for a better America...Like President Barak Obama, Albert has been an inspiration for others to follow"

Congressman Gregory Meeks

"Albert Baldeo will serve with distinction as a lawmaker and elected official...I have never heard a better speaker, a better person and humanitarian, nor met a greater fighter than Albert" 

Governor David Paterson

“Albert Baldeo has shown that you don’t need fancy endorsements to win voters’ hearts-just a sincere and abiding belief that you can make a difference in people’s lives and win their confidence.”

NY Times

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Albert Baldeo needs your help for a noble cause-our collective welfare and recovery. Let us do this together! Donate to Albert’s campaign now. Your contribution funds a people-powered movement to change our political leadership and uplift our community. We can, and must do, better.

Cell phone is: (718) 529-2300


Democratic District Leader Albert Baldeo has spent his life fighting for you, uplifting your families, and being your voice. Albert is a seasoned and fearless fighter for all. We can, and must do better for our families, our children, our neighborhoods. The present incumbent, Joe Addabbo, is asleep at the wheel, disinterested in this important job, at this important time. Joe Addabbo has denounced the Democratic Party which gave him so much, jumped ship and formed another Party, and is a do-nothing “representative” feasting off our tax dollars. Fire him, and elect the man for the job-Albert Baldeo!




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Albert Introduction

In these difficult times, we need the right leadership to secure the help and resources for us to recover, and thrive. ALBERT BALDEO is a seasoned and tested District Leader, fighter, champion, hero and advocate, who will deliver for us. He is the right man for the job, and the choice is clear! We need to elect him in State Senate District 15- Richmond Hill, Ozone Park, South Ozone Park, Kew Gardens, Rego Park, Glendale, Woodhaven, Maspeth and Middle Village. Vote for ALBERT BALDEO for the State Senate!  

For Albert, service has been his life, and he has been dynamic, passionate and dedicated in his efforts, improving the lives of others, serving for decades as the people’s lawyer, fighting government bureaucracy, fraud and excess, and advocating for workers, women, and families, all with selfless commitment. 

Albert is a respected and beloved trailblazer, transformational leader, Civil Rights Leader, Community Advocate, Reformer and Democratic District Leader. He was also elected the President of the largest American South Asian Labor Organization (Richmond Hill Chapter), ASAAL. During the pandemic, Albert delivered heath supplies, PPE equipment like masks, gloves and shields to frontline workers and citizens alike, and food, medicine, oxygen, sanitizers and other scarce items from his own pockets to those in need. 

Albert was declared the winner in his groundbreaking State Senate race against the 20-year Republican Party Chair incumbent, Senator Serf Maltese, only to see the results changed overnight to “narrow defeat” or 0.5 %. Like a true champion, Albert became more inspired to help others, fight inequities, empower those burdened by despair, fight injustice and be a role model and beacon of hope for others. 

While the present do-nothing, missing in action State Senator was raising property taxes while giving himself a pay raise, voting to deny women their right of choice, taking photo-ops to mislead constituents, seeking higher office, creating slush funds and misappropriating public funds on our backs, Albert stepped up to do his job, and help seniors, the homebound, the disabled, health care workers and the needy. The truth is that he has been bought and paid for by big banks, corporations and corrupt interests that exploit working families, so he dumped us all under the bus, while his family monopolized the seat for decades, in a colonial, un-American, monarchical style regime! Vote Albert Baldeo for progress, democracy and change. Your vote is your voice! 

Albert has championed many grass roots and labor issues, and has continued to inspire, motivate and uplift communities all across Queens, NYC and NY State, especially in public safety, civil rights, workers’ rights, education, health care, immigration, the environment, housing, employment, police relations and government services. 

Albert will fight cuts to Medicaid, fight recurrences of attacks like COVID-19, ensure public safety, secure the improvements we need in our health care system, set up a special program to expedite unemployment insurance and public benefits for workers and constituents alike, set up a recovery fund to assist veterans, displaced workers, tenants, small business and mom-and-pop stores to reopen and thrive, improve our public transportation systems, eradicate transportation deserts and make them more efficient and affordable, create more senior and assisted living centers, bail out home owners from losing their homes, and upgrade our schools. He will fight on ALL fronts! 

For his exemplary vision, work and sacrifices, Albert has received numerous national and international proclamations, awards and commendations from Presidents and Prime Ministers, including Joe Biden, VP Kamala Harris, Bill Clinton, Barak Obama, Dr. Cheddi Jagan, Kamla Bissessar, Rosa Parks, the US Congress (4 times), Governors, Mayors, elected officials, the UN, WHO and other organizations for his community, humanitarian and empowerment work, philanthropy and legal advocacy. 

This is about ALL of us, not Albert! Help him help us! Give him a chance, contribute to OUR cause and vote for him! Albert cannot do this alone; we must vote him in! 

Albert Baldeo is an exemplary hero, leader and icon in diverse communities across Queens. He overcame barriers and motivated others to follow and benefit from the transformative paths he blazed. Let us unite and help our district recover and grow by electing him to the State Senate!