Albert Baldeo

Constituent Services

As a community advocate, people’s lawyer, fighter and organizer all of his life, Albert Baldeo is the real deal. He will implement and ensure active, responsive, community-based representation. When elected, Albert will continue to be fully accessible, interact with his constituents, and will continue to have storefront offices in the community providing top notch constituent services. 

He will expand his hours of service in the Senator’s office to also include evenings and weekends, will implement a 24/7 constituent help hotline, travel to meet his constituents’ needs and hear their concerns, and will ensure that he and his staff are always accessible to all. 

Albert will ensure that he opens at least two (2) offices in his district, easily accessible by public transportation, and serving the entire district equitably. As a District leader and advocate, lawyer for the people, and community organizer, Albert has already been serving and fighting for the people of New York most of his life, and as an Assembly Member, he will expand and build upon these constituent services, and start the job running. 

Stand with him! 


Albert comes from a professional and successful family. Raised from humble beginnings, Albert and his siblings became an engineer/professor, a medical doctor, a lawyer and an educator. He knows, first hand, that investing in our children’s success is the greatest gift we can give our children, and that access to great schools and after-school activities are the foundation of thriving communities. 

He believes strongly in maximizing each child’s potential, because his upbringing centered around education. He wants all young people in his district to have even better opportunities than he had. As a tireless advocate and fighter for our kids’ education, he prevented the threatened closure of our John Adams and Richmond Hill High Schools years ago. 

As your State Senator, Albert will partner with all parties having a stake in education, and: 

-Increase library hours and locations, and secure funding for help with homework. 

-Turn around failing schools in the district, enhance the graduation rate, provide more lab tops and certified teachers, and get rid of trailer park classrooms permanently. 

-Provide the extra help needed for children with special needs, IEPs, our English Language Learners, and those from difficult family situations, and improve social services assistance, nutrition, and health care, while protecting funding and staffing. 

-Expand and improve New York State’s free-college tuition programs and make college more affordable for all families, thereby ensuring a first class college education being made possible for all New Yorkers. 

-Support the creation and expansion of after-school programs, sports and extracurricular activities, while upgrading playgrounds, cricket and ball fields. 

-Promulgate stronger school safety environment, while securing more funding for crossing guards and cameras at dangerous intersections, and locations. 

-Ensure full restitution and payment on the long overdue Campaign for Fiscal Equity (CFE) lawsuit, ensure funds are obtained to benefit our schools more, thereby providing the resources to encourage, nurture and inspire our children to achieve success 

Albert, whose brother is a medical doctor, and family members are nurses, knows firsthand the importance of making the health care system work for all of us. He has been a tireless advocate for our community for better local hospitals, improved ambulance response time, opening more urgent care clinics in our district and an improved healthcare system. He has also fought the closure of our area hospitals tooth and nail. 

Health Care

Albert’s dream of helping to provide for low-cost, affordable health care for all, will gain momentum with him becoming our State Senator Albert will fight to lower premiums, deductibles, and co-payments, and the cost of prescription drugs. He will fight to make our health care system more efficient and effective. As an attorney, Albert saved millions in taxpayer dollars by keeping companies from defrauding the Medicare and Medicaid programs, and will continue to minimize and fight fraud and inefficiency to ensure that health care is affordable, efficient and accessible to all. 


Albert Baldeo will ensure that developers who benefit from taxpayer subsidies provide more units for those in need of housing, that homeowners and tenants are not forced from their homes, and that we provide a roof over every resident’s head, with comfort. 

Albert will fight for all constituents: 

– Will fight for laws and regulations that protect renters from arbitrary, unreasonable increases and eviction, and support relief like “Good Cause Eviction,” while providing compassionate funds and fight for property tax relief for pandemic affected tenants and homeowners. 

– Will fight for the interests of homeowners against greedy banks and mortgage companies trying to foreclose their homes. 

– Will protect the quality of life, affordability and character of our neighborhoods against inappropriate development that will affect communities and lower market values, or price out longtime residents. 

-Will pursue additional housing through the rental of attics and basements, as is legal in certain parts of NYC, as long as they fulfill safety requirements and reasonable rents, not greedy landlords’ expectations. 

– Will bring much needed NYCHA funding, repairs, and services, and strong leadership that is needed to address issues like basic repairs and maintenance, storm resilience, flooding, procuring more federal dollars to alleviate the problems, and oversee plans needed to build on open NYCHA property. 

Public Safety & Justice

Crime, especially hate crimes and violent crimes, have been on the rise in our district. As your State Senator, Albert Baldeo will ensure all residents are safe, and roll back laws that make us vulnerable to criminals. The present incumbent has been a main cause for the criminal crises we face. Out of touch, disinterested, our stone cold incumbent does not care about crimes, nor whose child is going to grow up without his parent (s), nor whose child will never be seen again, nor who is the latest victim of a hate crime, or shooting. 

Albert will increase funding, police patrols, work collaboratively with the NYPD in the district, institute more civilian patrol groups, maintain a close eye on law enforcement and community relations so greater trust and cooperation is fostered, and inspire everyone to unite and eradicate crime, and get guns off the streets. He will also rid our community of bad police officers. 

Albert will fight for more funding, gain more resources, and secure the cooperation of the Governor, the Mayor, the NYPD and community leaders to ensure our communities are safer, more vigilant and more equipped to deal with the crime situation.  

Albert has also actively fought against hate crimes and antisemitism. He believes in decency and respect towards all, and that hate has no place in Queens or in America-or anywhere. As an International Peace Ambassador, Albert will ensure that everyone has access to justice, and is treated fairly. 


Transportation issues can affect our jobs, and our lives. Albert Baldeo will fight for dependable, timely, affordable and efficient public transit, including preserving public transportation routes. That is why Albert got the MTA to install the elevator at the Lefferts Boulevard and Liberty Avenue subway stop, after threatening to sue the MTA under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), for failing to provide accessibility requirements on public accommodations for the disabled, pregnant mothers, kids, etc. That is the type of success/result Albert Baldeo’s strong leadership can deliver. 

Albert can, and will fix the MTA.  Albert will focus on needed funding the buses and subways within our district require, so that maintenance and repairs will keep pace with increased ridership and increased revenues.  

Albert will also demand that the MTA make repairs in a timely manner, push to redesign and upgrade the bus system to prevent slow and unreliable buses, while expanding services. He will also expand MTA service to underserved areas, and audit the agency to maximize profits, repairs and expansion.